“Becca Martenson is an amazing guide and mentor. She creates a safe gentle warm space with profound guidance and the ability to take a deep dive into my own soul. She helped me uncover many subconscious beliefs, patterns and stories, by looking at my many colorful past lives. She helped me find freedom, while reaching  for my highest potential. She brings me back to earth gently slowly and  carefully and  always leaves with new insights, profound gratitude,and many lessons to contemplate. Working with Becca  increases my capacity to better know myself and have deeper more meaningful connections with the ones l love.”

- LD

Soaring and diving

Different challenges call for different perspectives… different altitudes. We may want to look at the big picture of your life’s journey—the patterns, the vision of where you want to go and who you want to be. Other times we’ll work at surface level, with the storm of emotions that crash and flow. And certain moments will call you to the depths, to find and welcome the hidden parts of yourself. With the tools of transformation you’ll read about here, I can help you access the knowledge that is already within you. Looking deeply into ourselves is not for the faint-hearted; but it can also be a process of wild excitement, deep joy, and lasting satisfaction.

For healing, wisdom, and joy

Individual Sessions

In person or on the phone. 60-, 90-, and 120-minute conversations available.

Journey of Change: Retainer Services

A 1-to-6-month retainer period for transformation around a specific issue or issues.

Couples’ Counseling

For courageous couples willing to look within, explore and heal the origins of challenge with Other.

Upcoming Events & Latest Reflections

New Story Festival

New Story Festival

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Friday, June 12 & Saturday, June 13. Join Chris Martenson, Charles Eisenstein, and me at The Graduate Institute for conversations about how to create the new story we need to thrive!

Podcast on Building Community

Podcast on Building Community

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Click here to listen to my new podcast on peakprosperity.com: How to increase the value of the relationships in your life.

Peak Prosperity: Workshop

Peak Prosperity: Workshop

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Our economic system is in bad shape and never will “get back to normal”—it’s based on growth, a fact that has come up hard against the physical realities of a finite planet. How can you adapt to a future that offers new hardships as well as new opportunities? Discover how your beliefs can be limiting or enhancing, and how emotional barriers can impede action.

What’s possible will amaze you

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“Becca is an extraordinary and gifted healer. Through her compassion, empathy, and intuition she has always provided a safe space for me to dive right to the heart of any issue. I come away from every session with her feeling more enlightened, self-aware, healed, and whole. Due to several traumas during childhood, I was always afraid to be in my body. The techniques of self-awareness and self-inquiry she has provided have FINALLY allowed me to have a conversation with my body, to hear its story, heal the wound, and return to a place of deep compassion and love. I am eternally grateful to have Becca in my life and I HIGHLY recommend her!”

- KD

“Becca taught me to how to make business decisions through accessing my inner wisdom. As a result, I’ve attracted clients who are thrilled with the services I provide and are happy to pay the fees I’ve set. After working with her, I’m also more able to embrace the bold vision I have for my purpose-fueled business. At every session, Becca helps people birth their own epiphanies. Invaluable.”


“From the moment of first contact with Becca, you’ll receive a warm sense of welcome and feel held in a way that makes the work to come feel less scary. Moving at your own pace and depth in a safe, comfortable, and judgment-free space, Becca skillfully guides you through a sacred journey that offers release and the opportunity for healing as well as growth. Becca’s gentle kindness leads the way as she facilitates a powerful self-discovery process of inner tracking where insights easily surface and mysteries yield clarity. Combining intuition with seasoned tools, methods and magic, Becca is uniquely suited to provide loving calm and useful reflection to propel forward movement without effort or expectation. You leave Becca’s hearth feeling more whole, freer to breathe, more fully embodied, and with a greater sense of faith and trust in both yourself and the external world.”

- JD