“Becca is an extraordinary and gifted healer. Through her compassion, empathy, and intuition she has always provided a safe space for me to dive right to the heart of any issue. I come away from every session with her feeling more enlightened, self-aware, healed, and whole. Due to several traumas during childhood, I was always afraid to be in my body. The techniques of self-awareness and self-inquiry she has provided have FINALLY allowed me to have a conversation with my body, to hear its story, heal the wound, and return to a place of deep compassion and love. I am eternally grateful to have Becca in my life and I HIGHLY recommend her!”

- KD

Peak Prosperity: Workshop

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Peak Prosperity: Thriving in Any Future

Chris and Becca Martenson

Rowe Conference Center, April 24 – April 26, 2015

Note: This seminar is now full.

This is the only U.S.-based seminar the Martensons will offer this year! Learn to develop resilience so that you, your loved ones, and your community can prepare for the tough economic times ahead.


Our economic system is in bad shape and never will “get back to normal”—it’s based on growth, a fact that has come up hard against the physical realities of a finite planet. How can you adapt to a future that offers new hardships as well as new opportunities? Discover how your beliefs can be limiting or enhancing, and how emotional barriers can impede action. Learn the six stages of awareness. Develop your own resilience steps. Share your hopes and fears. Find techniques for talking to–and living with–reluctant partners, friends, colleagues, or neighbors. Learn about creating community. Become informed about financial steps you should take. Tour Chris’s and Becca’s homestead to see how they’re prepared to thrive amid the coming economic challenges.

Chris and Becca have an extremely well-developed seminar model that has been honed over the years and combines teachings, breakouts, and exercises that will provide both critical insights and actionable ideas. This year will be no exception, as they’ll be introducing a good amount of never-seen before material.

Specifically, this Rowe workshop offers:

* understanding (and accepting) the wealth transfer, with active discussions of which assets will provide the best protection;

* skill-building exercises to develop emotional, financial, and physical resilience;

* an insider’s understanding of the Crash Course framework and techniques for sharing difficult information with others;

* Becca Martenson’s expertise in emotional resilience and helping to align spouses with their reluctant partners;

* a personalized action plan to increase your prosperity;

* the skills needed to create a sustainable income that you own amd can depend on;

* meeting excellent people who share your views.

The connections made at these conferences have lasted between participants for years and are another significant benefit of the experience. For others, simply having the chance to engage with other people on these topics in a safe environment is worth the effort to attend.

In short, the goal of the weekend is for you to return home with peace of mind, knowing that you are equipped to meet the future head-on and prosper in it.