“From the moment of first contact with Becca, you’ll receive a warm sense of welcome and feel held in a way that makes the work to come feel less scary. Moving at your own pace and depth in a safe, comfortable, and judgment-free space, Becca skillfully guides you through a sacred journey that offers release and the opportunity for healing as well as growth. Becca’s gentle kindness leads the way as she facilitates a powerful self-discovery process of inner tracking where insights easily surface and mysteries yield clarity. Combining intuition with seasoned tools, methods and magic, Becca is uniquely suited to provide loving calm and useful reflection to propel forward movement without effort or expectation. You leave Becca’s hearth feeling more whole, freer to breathe, more fully embodied, and with a greater sense of faith and trust in both yourself and the external world.”

- JD


Q: What’s the first step in working with you?

A: First I invite you to a complimentary 15-30 minute phone consultation to make sure it feels mutually aligned and resonant for us to work together, as well as to get a better sense about what it is you are wanting support with.

If this feels right to both of us, then we schedule an initial exploratory session. I recommend 2 hours for this first session. In that session we go into greater detail about what it is you are working with, and examine what your deepest desires for healing, evolution, support, or guidance are.

At that point, we can review the different options for working together and decide what the best way is to proceed.


Q: Are you a licensed therapist?

A: I am not a licensed Massachusetts State mental health professional and do not provide any mental health services that would require a license. I do not accept insurance of any form.


Q: What does Long Distance Session work look like?

A:  Long-distance sessions take place via phone. I love working by phone and find the connection to be especially deep this way.


Q: What do you charge for your services?

A: I offer a sliding scale of $75-$150 per hour. You determine what feels right within this range. I am also available to work on retainer. If you are interested in this option, please contact me for more information.