“Becca’s guidance has led me to amazing accomplishments. Her unwavering support has enabled me to transform ideas into strategies, resulting in a flourishing business and a strong and interconnected community. Becca continuously helps to illuminate possibilities for me so that I may exceed my personal and professional goals. Without her, I would not have been able to achieve the same depth of transformation.”

- NB

For those of you seeking deep healing or support around a specific life theme, or those who want a more consistent and nuanced relationship with this work, I offer retainer services. Retainer sessions operate very much like private sessions in terms of form, yet carry a depth and thread of cohesion, as well as a set of specific intentions  which we re-visit throughout the duration of agreement.

I love this work! I love supporting individuals with their deep inner transformation and evolutionary journeys and the ways they expresses in work life, family life and  relationships.   If you choose this path, I track you very closely and make myself available to you in between session work, both in occasional dialogue via email, text and phone, as well as through ongoing energetic support. I pay attention to my intuitions and dreams as they relate to you and will reach out as this information comes through.

If you are interested in this option, please reach out to me to discuss costs, which are determined by the duration of the agreement.



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