“Becca is an extraordinary and gifted healer. Through her compassion, empathy, and intuition she has always provided a safe space for me to dive right to the heart of any issue. I come away from every session with her feeling more enlightened, self-aware, healed, and whole. Due to several traumas during childhood, I was always afraid to be in my body. The techniques of self-awareness and self-inquiry she has provided have FINALLY allowed me to have a conversation with my body, to hear its story, heal the wound, and return to a place of deep compassion and love. I am eternally grateful to have Becca in my life and I HIGHLY recommend her!”

- KD

Individual sessions can take many forms, as I have a variety of tools to draw from depending on your needs.  PLease see the description of approaches in Tools of Transformation on the site.  You can choose to set up a series of sessions, or simply dive in for 1-2 sessions to work on an individual issue.

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