“From the moment of first contact with Becca, you’ll receive a warm sense of welcome and feel held in a way that makes the work to come feel less scary. Moving at your own pace and depth in a safe, comfortable, and judgment-free space, Becca skillfully guides you through a sacred journey that offers release and the opportunity for healing as well as growth. Becca’s gentle kindness leads the way as she facilitates a powerful self-discovery process of inner tracking where insights easily surface and mysteries yield clarity. Combining intuition with seasoned tools, methods and magic, Becca is uniquely suited to provide loving calm and useful reflection to propel forward movement without effort or expectation. You leave Becca’s hearth feeling more whole, freer to breathe, more fully embodied, and with a greater sense of faith and trust in both yourself and the external world.”

- JD

Individual sessions can take many forms, as I have a variety of tools to draw from depending on your needs.  PLease see the description of approaches in Tools of Transformation on the site.  You can choose to set up a series of sessions, or simply dive in for 1-2 sessions to work on an individual issue.

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