“A session with Becca is both like a big warm hug, and a plunge into the refreshing waters of Truth. In Becca’s loving energy, and with her gentle intuitive guidance, I am able to access my own internal wisdom and knowledge. I believe that all true healing comes from within, but we are not meant to do it all alone — I am so grateful to have the support of Becca and her wide array of healing tools. She offers her work from her heart, so that our hearts may be healed.”



- LL

This is a fairly new tool for me, but it works so well, and is so easy to use, that I’m thrilled to share it with you. Intuitive decision-making uses both your mind—your cognitive understanding of aspects of the decision to be made—and your body, your deepest felt sense of what each possible path will feel like. We use the focusing process to bring each future moment into the present and discover what it feels like in your body. This offers a whole different and deeper array of information about your choices. It will help you make a decision from a very deep place of knowing, not from intellectual analysis alone. 

This process also helps get underneath the places where the thinking process actually doesn’t help, or even gets in the way. We’ve all felt tangled up in our thoughts, or trapped in a process of second-guessing. Some decisions have so many threads and repercussions and possibilities that the mind can see many options without being able to effectively compare them. By accessing body wisdom along with the mind’s intelligence, you come to a decision that you can feel deeply confident about.