“Although I believe in spiritual and personal growth, I’m sometimes turned off by ‘spiritual’ people; they seem so serious and sometimes self-righteous. Becca is the opposite. She takes the work seriously but everything she does has a lightness about it that makes it fun — yes, even delving deep into old patterns of pain is somehow fun with her. Plus she has this great deep chuckling laugh that comes very easily. Working with Becca is not only an inspiration but a real pleasure.”


There are many times in life where we feel bashed and battered by the stormy seas of overwhelming emotion; I have many tools to support you during these moments. With Focusing as a foundational approach, we will welcome to parts of you feeling strong emotions, as see what those parts have to say. Using The Work of Byron Katie, we may examine and question the thoughts that feed your emotions. I also love working with Flower essences, which use the powerful energetic support of plant medicine to help stabilize and ground you. You may also benefit from a chakra clearing to help remove energetic blockages and create flow.