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About Inner Alchemy & Becca Martenson

For almost a quarter of a century now, I have been joyfully gathering tools to support transformation. You want to dig more deeply, love more fully, experience more wholeheartedly; I feel the same way. Life is short! Let us make it as rich as we can. I can help you discover your deepest hopes and fears. I can help you bring yourself more to life. This is my own passion and I am thrilled to find fellow companions on the journey.

I coach people — mostly women, but not all — who are absolutely ripe for change, ready for new tools and techniques, ready to live in a way more aligned to their true nature and their heart’s calling. If you’re reading these words, chances are that you’re ready for just such a transformation.

I offer my clients space, safety, and support. I don’t have any answers; you have them all. I do have tools, tested and proven, that can help you discover your own inner wisdom and guidance. You will be amazed at your body’s deep intelligence! Although often our work will delve into shadow, pain, and ancient patterns, there is a deep feeling of rightness that underlies even the most serious situation. The work itself is a joy.

Through our work, my clients experience more freedom, lightness, and clarity. Self-awareness and self-acceptance blossom; you will learn to navigate even the most challenging situations with a sense of groundedness and grace.

I am both a Certified Focusing Trainer and a Certified Focusing Professional, and have nearly completed a 5-year holistic healing apprenticeship and inter-faith ministry ordination. I live in Western MA with my husband of 25 years and our three homeschooled teenagers. For the last decade I have also served as Board Chair of the Vermont Wilderness School; I am passionate about reconnecting people with nature.