This is my all-time favorite tool for transformation. Focusing is a way of tapping into your vast emotional intelligence through the messages of your body. As you engage with the Focusing process, you learn to welcome all aspects of your Self with friendly curiosity, which in turn develops a deep self-trust and powerful intuition. Focusing gives you clear access to your own inner compass, allowing you to direct your life with confidence.

Focusing was originated by Eugene Genlin at the University of Chicago, who spent thousands of hours studying transcripts of psychological and psychiatric treatment. Why did some people experience change and healing, while others did not? After doing research on every conceivable modality, in every type of setting, Genlin arrived at what he called “focusing”: a particular type of self-reflection and connection to the body. Focusing, Genlin found, was a key attribute in the treatment of the people who got well. It is now practiced internationally.

The body is a container for everything in your unconscious mind. These unconscious thoughts and beliefs express through the body as the “felt sense”—like the pit in your stomach, the lump in your throat, the flutter in your heart, and many more even subtler feelings we aren’t usually aware of. And it’s through these feelings in the body that we can begin to communicate with that source of unconscious material.

Focusing is a tool I use because it works. It helps get to the root of the origin and cause of distress. With focusing, that root can actually be healed, which has wide-ranging impact that you can never predict.

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