Visioning & Manifestation

From a bird’s-eye vantage, I support you to see the larger arc of your life’s journey and scan ahead to the future you want to create for yourself. With a combination of visioning and manifestation practices, you will learn simple and powerful tools to create the life you desire.

Visioning is a process with several stages. The first is to create a clear vision of what it is you want to move toward. Another stage is to hear the internal resistance to your creating that future—the voices that say no. This is a focusing process, a practice of being present and attentive to those parts that don’t think it’s possible for whatever reason (it’s too difficult; you don’t deserve it; other people won’t like it, etc.).

The next stage is working with the power of the present moment… of feeling, right now, as powerfully as you can, what it will be like to live the vision that you want. That intense feeling of having what you want is the most powerful point of manifestation. Energetically, you’re setting everything up. Physically, you are literally creating new neural pathways that will allow you to move toward and not against your vision. The more we can bring to the practice the feeling of having exactly what we want, the more we are strengthening those neural pathways that allow us to have it.