Working in the Feminine

This has been the most exciting revelation in my life. For many years I found success through my competence in masculine attributes such as strategic thinking, goal-setting, and action-oriented behavior. Upon learning to step into my feminine self, I discovered that I can get the same things done, the same tasks and goals achieved, but without a sense of “hard work” and determination. Instead of a plodding, step-by-step process, the process becomes one of allowing, unfolding, receiving, flowing. For me, it is much easier and more joyful. Now, when I have a choice between the masculine and the feminine ways of doing something, I always choose the feminine, because it’s just so much more fun. 

In a culture that rewards masculine attributes such as drive, achievement, goal setting, and hierarchy, many of us have forgotten how to embrace our feminine qualities. Being in flow; allowing; receiving; using our intuition... I love supporting people, both women and men, to re-learn how to use the gifts of the feminine to live life with more ease and joy.

The Queen

As women, we go through several distinct biological life stages.

The “maiden” stage is our life stage of youth, before we have children. In our culture, the “mother” stage often involves selfless giving, sometimes to the detriment of the woman; it doesn’t have to be this way, but it all too often is. With menopause, we begin to move into our “crone” years. 

The “queen” stage is not a biological life-stage; it requires consciousness and some training to step into it. As opposed to the mother, who often has no boundaries, the queen knows and keeps her boundaries well. The queen can be very generous, but she doesn’t give until she has no energy left in her body; instead, she is focused on self-care. She has many divine attributes to share with the world, but she is careful to do it in a way that best serves herself as well.

Being the queen is about fully coming into your power—not in a power-over-something, masculine way, but in a natural, embodied wholeness that allows you to see that serving yourself is serving the world.

I love teaching women how to consciously choose how to be the Queen of their own lives!